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Visit our Splend London Member Support Centre to talk with a Member Success Representative and learn more about PCO car hire solutions and our Rent and Rent to buy plans. 

In addition to using the car for rideshare, you can now use your Splend car for food deliveries with Uber Eats and Deliveroo, and parcel or grocery deliveries with City Sprint, Amazon Flex, Hermes, Yodel, Stuart, Gophr, or Streat Stream. Drive and deliver food and parcels at your own pace, using any or all of these platforms. We help you sign up and start earning as fast as possible.

If you’re already an approved Uber driver, you can start driving the same day you sign up. 

Get a PCO car and take advantage of our PCO car rental or PCO Rent to buy plans to turn your on-demand driving into a fully-fledged career. 

With Splend, PCO driver-partners in London don’t just drive, they thrive.

Our PCO cars are compatible with several on-demand platforms, including Uber, Bolt, Kapten, Ola or ViaVans.

Contact us

Address: 393 Edgware Road Cricklewood, London NW2 6LN
Phone number : 0333 016 4331

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Monday – Friday 9AM–5:30PM
Saturday – Sunday Closed

Member benefits
H beyond the wheel

Dedicated support

Your personal account manager is on hand with dedicated support to help you succeed in everything you do, whether you drive Uber, Bolt, Kapten, Ola, or ViaVan. You’ll also be invited to exclusive community events and have full access to our Member Support Centre.

Driver analytics

We provide advanced coaching and training to all of our members. Our custom data analytics are available to help you increase earnings, get better ratings, and learn to be a safer driver.


Not only do we want to help you drive your best, we want to make your job more enjoyable too. You’ll receive vouchers, rider giveaways, and more. Refer a new member and earn up to £75 on your rental plan.

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